posted 14 January 2024

Rosters Commencing in 2024

The Tuesday Open Roster will commence on Tuesday 20 February and extend for 10 weeks plus semi-finals and finals (12 weeks total). The format is 2-person teams with each player playing two singles matches (best of 7 games) and one doubles match (best of 5 games). If you would like to play in this roster please contact Ian Weller at

The Veterans Roster will commence on Thursday 22 Feb 2024 and extend over 10 rounds plus semi-finals and finals (12 weeks total) possibly finishing one week later if it is not possible to play on the Anzac Day holiday.

The new format will include only three singles matches, played between direct counterparts in the opposing teams. The singles matches will be accompanied by three doubles matches – involving all possible combinations of each 3-person team. Thus each team member will play one singles and two doubles matches each week.

If you wish to play, please email Kelvin at



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