STTTA Roster matches and social evenings

  • Adult: $8 per night
  • Student (to the end of Grade 12): $4 per night
  • Cadets (under 18 as at 1 January): $4 per night

Annual Membership Fees

Voting 18 or older who competes in rosters† $40.00
Cadet under 18 who competes in senior rosters† $35.00
Junior under 18 who competes in junior rosters $10.00
Social belongs to the STTTA but does not compete in rosters $10.00

The membership year is from 1 March to the end of February the next year.

† Includes the Tasmanian (TTTA) and Australian (TTA) registration fees.


Non-members pay the casual rate at the KSC counter as set by the KSC from time to time. Practice Pass holders do not have to pay a session fee but need to show their pass at the KSC counter and have their name and pass number recorded before starting. Social members without a pass pay $5 per session.

Practice Pass

Standard (includes social membership) Individual $  100
  Family*     $  140
Discount rate for STTTA roster players† Individual  $   40
  Family*     $   60

* Family practice passes may include up to four members of the player's immediate family.

† Conditions apply

NB. Rates for passes are pro-rata quarterly as explained on the membership form.

Download a Membership Application Form or a Junior Membership Application Form