STTTA has adopted the inclusion policy of the Tasmanian Table Tennis Association Inc. The Tasmanian Table Tennis Association has developed this Inclusion Policy in order to encourage the participation of all groups in the community in our sport regardless of their abilities and to reflect good practice regarding effective inclusion.

We are committed to ensure that people of all abilities are able to participate and will endeavour to include anyone regardless of their background, physical capability, or circumstances and to support the needs of all players from a diverse cross‐section of the community.

What is Inclusion?  

  • Inclusion not only covers the more obvious physical barriers to participation by people with disability, but it also extends to less obvious barriers such as: gender, race, religion, age, income, ability, sexual preference, disadvantaged or remote communities.
  • It is the process of removing barriers to participation and learning, so that everyone benefits fully from playing opportunities in whatever capacity required.
  • Inclusion embraces diversity.

How does Inclusion Work?

  • Inclusion works when there is an understanding that all members of the community have a part to play in the success of the organisation.
  • Inclusion can occur across all levels of the organisation, from actual table tennis activities, to social events, administration and other mainstream activities within the organisation.
  • A feature of a healthy and successful organisation is one that is welcoming and inclusive regardless of age, ability or any of the other barriers already mentioned.

What will we do to be Inclusive?                                                  

In line with this Inclusion Policy, the Tasmanian Table Tennis Association and its affiliated associations will make a commitment to the following principles:

  • Provide a positive and welcoming environment on all Tasmanian Table Tennis Association programs.
  • Encourage people from all demographics and background to get involved.
  • Focus on people’s abilities and not their limitations or barriers, and acknowledge there are different aspects of the Tasmanian Table Tennis Association's and its affiliated associations' core business where people can be involved.
  • Acknowledge and work on any areas of  programs that may need to be adjusted to be more inclusive for participation from a broader cross‐section of the community.
  • Provide advice, and training on appropriate bats, balls and other necessary equipment for people of all abilities.
  • Look at developing specific programs to help target community areas that may not normally have access to table tennis opportunities.  
  • Support instructors by providing appropriate information, messages and training if required on expected standards of behaviour and awareness of inclusive practices.
  • Acknowledge that while some people with specific needs may require assistance in some areas of participation (i.e. people with more limited physical capabilities), their involvement in other areas of competence will not be met with unusual or extraordinary treatment.
  • The Tasmanian Table Tennis Association and its affiliated associations will regard every person as an active and contributing participant.
  • Promote the Tasmanian Table Tennis Association to a broader community spectrum (through advertising upcoming courses and programs in a variety of locations and not just through the current table tennis community sources).

Given the importance of sport and recreation to all community members, we agree it is of utmost importance that all members of the community, regardless of age, sex, race, socio‐economic status, physical ability and geographical location have access to the range of opportunities that we provide.